Please book into rallies by emailing albanyadultridingclub@gmail.com.  Once you have emailed for a lesson and paid your lesson price a committee member will advise you of lesson time a couple of days prior to the rally.


This will be our first rally for the year. It is a chance for those who have not signed up as yet to do so and for everybody to meet everybody else. We will be having an obstacle course set up as well as some games, these can be done mounted or unmounted, fast or slow, your choice.  Lunch will be provided by the club for the day in exchange for a gold coin donation. It will be great fun and a chance for everybody to catch up with their four legged friends as well.

29TH MARCH 2020

Instructor - Zoe Harrison. Today we will be holding information on how to prepare and ride a hack competion before holding as small informal hack competion in the afternoon. Remember no pressure just have fun.

26TH APRIL 2020

Instructor - Amanda Pritchard and Mike Donoghue (Groundwork). We will be as usual having our Play Pen at the same time as lessons for those who wish to do various activities with their horses. Our focus at this rally is Cross country, after the morning lessons we will have a small have-a-go cross country competion where you can canter or walk over a small selection of jumps.

24TH MAY 2020

Instructor - TBA. This rallies focus is on Showjumping. After lessons in jumping you can have a go at a no pressure round of a show jumping course and a 6 bar.

27TH JUNE 2020

Dressage is the name of the game today. After the rallies lessons you get the opportunity to ride one or two (depending on time) dressage tests. If your memory is anything like mine you may have a caller. These tests are a great learning tool, so well worth doing even if you hold no aspirations to becoming a dressage competitior.

25TH JULY 2020

Instructor TBA. The wet winter rallies are generally the quietest but we aim to fill it with lots of fun to get you out and about.


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